Imagine This

Imagine This

     A man crossing the street is hit by a car.  A woman with a cell phone calls 9-1-1.  The ambulance arrives and the EMTs place him in the ambulance and provide medical services in conjunction with the doctors at the hospital.  The doctors, nurses, other medical personnel and other hospital personnel provide him the services he needs to recover. 

     The man also depended on the efforts of several others including manufactures of auto equipment and  pharmacy companies.  Engineers, architects and constructions personnel were involved in this process.  All the people involved in corporations from administrative to research were involved in this process.  Government and tax payers were involved to provide the roads, the infrastructure, the fire station and the hospital.  This, by no means, includes all the people and resources involved in the process.

     If I asked you, "Who saved this man?"  It is not one individual.  Several were involved in this process.

     Becoming a Christian is like this analogy.  There is not any one thing that saves you.  Being a Christian is a Faith process of life.  From the moment you become a Christian you continue the process until your life on this earth ends.  Our life is one of Faith that includes many life experiences.  It is by our Faith that we acknowledge the gift of salvation from God.  We cannot earn our salvation.  It is through our Faith that we exhibit our works and our ministry. 

     The process begins with you.  Once you hear the Word of God you have a decision to make.  The decision is about the person of Jesus Christ and your future relationship with Him.  You realize that you have failures in your life and that you need to have them forgiven.  You repent and ask for forgiveness.  You express your faith in Jesus Christ by stating that you believe He is the Son of the Living God. 

     Once you have made this statement of Faith you express this Faith by being baptized (immersion) in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  This is your first act of obedience to your Faith in Jesus Christ.

     This is the beginning point of Discipleship.  Being a Disciple means to live your life for Jesus on this earth.  This is accomplished by Worship and Celebration, by developing Christian Maturity and by Sharing in the Ministry.

     All Christians are to be involved through their gifts to express God's purpose in their lives.  God lives in each Christian through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Each person's body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit.  God desires that each person be united with Him because He has known you in the womb and desires your unity and friendship through eternity.  Being a Christian is a lifelong spiritual process just as living in our physical bodies is a lifelong process.

     Here are some considerations about Baptism and salvation.  You might ask the question what about children who cannot understand the Gospel or people who have never heard the Gospel.  

     Baptism comes from the Greek word, "baptizo," which means to immerse.  There are Greek words for sprinkling and pouring.    The Church from the time of Jesus until about 500 A.D. or so always baptized by immersion.  St. Augustine convinced the Roman Catholic Church that babies were born in sin.  This was not the practice or belief of the early Church.  

     We practice the belief of the early Church because we believe the Word of God is true yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Babies are not able to make a decision about the Lord Jesus Christ and if they die or dies as a child before they come to an age of understanding their salvation is secure.    Likewise people who have not heard the Gospel are saved by the life that they have lived.  If it is a life that honors God and His truths then they receive salvation (Romans 2: 12-16).       

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