Church History

Eminence Christian Church History

     From what we know of our Church History the Church probably began meeting in houses during the Civil War times.  We know the building was built before 1871.  The land for the present church was donated by Henry Bourn, Grandfather of Emma Alice Smedley.

     There is abundant proof that the congregation was active much before 1873.  "The Christian Record" of May 1871 reports an evangelistic meeting with nineteen souls added to the church.  A Morgan County publication of April 27, 1871 informed the public that a new belfry has been erected on the Christian Church building at Eminence and a fine tone bell place therein.  Another publication of 1874 tells the average attendance at Sunday School is sixty and the value of the church property is $2,000.00 and membership is eighty.

     The church was chartered as the "Organization of the Church of Christ, in the town of Eminence, Indiana, Morgan County, October 20, A.D., 1873."  Forty-two charter members stated that they were professed Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.  They took as their discipline, Rule of Faith and Practice, the Holy Bible, all the Bible, and nothing but the Bible, and trust in God for Salvation.

     In 1900 new interest was revived and in 1906 the building was rebuilt.  There was a continual increase in membership.  The year of 1947 was a time of great activity.  A basement was dug and built where the church is now located.  The church building was moved onto the basement and the remodeling began.  The building was remodeled throughout and made modern.  The value of the remodeled facility was $30,000.00. 

     In the late 1990s a new fellowship hall was added to the church building which provided much improved space for education, meals, receptions, meetings and other social activities.

     In the 21st century the church has purchased additional land and is planning a new playground and recreational area.  The church now has additional properties and infrastructure to continue its growth.       

 Around Civil War Times

The 1870s

The Church Charter

1900 - 1950

Late 1990s

21st Century

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