Eminence Christian Church

2010 Mission Budget

                           Mission                                                   Quarterly Amount                   Yearly Amount

Morgan County Weekday Religious Education                               $ 2.070.00                           $ 8,280.00

P.O. Box 1285, Martinsville, IN  46151         

Ambassadors for Christ Philippine Evangelism                                 1,510.00                               6,040.00

Rodger & Dixie Shewmaker, Missionaries

P.O. Box 176, Mooresville, IN  46158

Pregnancy Care Center of Morgan County                                            867.50                                3,470.00

P.O. Box 455, Mooresville, IN  46158

Camp Allendale                                                                                           690.00                                2,760.00

4605 S. Allendale Dr., Trafalgar, IN 46181

T.C.M. International                                                                                   690.00                                2,760.00

Tony Twist, Director

P.O. Box 24560, Indpls., IN 46209-2495

Woodburn Christian Children’s Home                                                     690.00                               2,760.00

24902 Notes tine Road, Woodburn, IN  46797

Alys West, Missionary to Ukraine                                                             450.00                               1,800.00

New Missions Systems International

P.O. Box 547, Ft. Myers, FL 33902

Northwest Haiti Christian Mission                                                           318.75                               1,275.00

Janeil Owen,  Executive Director

P.O. Box 829, Versailles, KY  40383

Wings of Mercy                                                                          318.75                               1,275.00

Larry & Diana Owen, Missionaries

P.O. Box 516, Versailles, KY  40383

Christian College Scholarship Fund  *                                                                                                4,000.00

Open                                                                                                                                                           1,500.00

TOTAL **                                                                                                               $35,920.00

*In the 2009-10 school year, ECC has assisted Caleb Bailey.  If anyone desires assistance to attend one of our Bible Colleges, a letter of application may be written to the Mission Committee.  Following their approval,  the request will go to our Church Board to be reviewed.  Requests may be made at any time.

**Total does not include add’l support to Ambassadors for Christ and Weekday Religious Ed. from the Adult Sunday School class; support to the Geon Christian Children’s Home from the younger adults Sunday School class;  camp registrations paid in full  for each of our church campers; the annual “Ton of Food” project for Woodburn Christian Children’s Home; PCC Baby Bottle campaign and diaper drives; our Food Pantry; freewill offering each time we have a missionary speaker; “Shoebox Gifts” at Christmas; special projects at Christmas by our Children’s department; and miscellaneous other gifts throughout the year.

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